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Grain Storage

Trupointe provides various storage options and efficient, reliable grain terminals and elevators throughout Ohio and Indiana. With a storage capacity of more than 22 million bushels and access to four main railway lines,we are aligned to meet all your needs for storing, buying and selling grain.


Storage Options

Delayed Payment (DP) 

  • Move grain to a Trupointe location without establishing a price 

  • Title for the grain passes to Trupointe upon delivery 

  • No need for on-farm storage 

  • Sell when ready 

Grain Bank 

  • Grain is stored and used later as feed for livestock 

  • Fee charged for storing in grain bank 

Regular Storage 

  • Deliver grain to elevator 

  • Pay storage fee and retain title of grain 

  • Sell when ready 

Government Loan 

  • Deposit grain under a government program 

  • Warehouse receipt is issued 

  • Fee of $25 per receipt 

Condo Storage 

  • Farmer-owned storage 

  • Grain is hauled to various locations and stored in Condo