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Grain Contracts

Trupointe offers various types of grain marketing contracts that allow you to find a program that works for you – whether you want to diversify your risks, make decisions based on technical indicators and market strategies, focus on getting cash now or store grain. With options and variables continually changing within a global marketplace, let a Trupointe grain marketing specialist work with you to find the best solution for your operation. Contact your local Trupointe location or grain team member.

Learn more about our grain programs that can help you:


Diversify Your Risk in the Market


Target Contract

  • Place an order to sell your grain at a particular price higher than where the current market is trading

  • When and if the price is reached, your grain is sold

Minimum Price Contract

  • Establishes a guaranteed base price

  • Protects against lower prices

  • You can take advantage of a market rally

  • 5,000-bushel increments

Mini-Max Price Contract

  • Establishes a floor and a ceiling

  • Locks in a trading range, but limits upward potential

Basis Contract

  • You agree to delivery period and capturing basis level –  the difference between the futures and cash price

  • Allows you to deliver grain while waiting to take advantage of an upward swing in the market

  • No storage fee charged

Hedge to Arrive

  • You agree to delivery period and futures price

  • The basis and cash price is left open for later, allowing you to take advantage of locking in a higher futures prices while waiting on a potential basis improvement.

  • 1,000-bushel minimum for delivery within 20 months | 5,000-bushel minimum for delivery 21 months and beyond

Opportunity Plus Contract

  • Enhances the final price of a forward contract with the use of options

  • In return, grower agrees to sell like amount of grain at pre-determined market strike price

  • Minimum contract amount is 5,000 bushels


Create A Decision Managed Plan (TruSelect)


Freedom Trader                                          

  • Uses past hedge strategies and market analysis

  • Allows you to create a sound, well-rounded portfolio

  • For corn and soybeans

  • Harvest Delivery

Freedom Bin

  • Designed for pricing stored bushels, rather than bushels at harvest

  • Provides more opportunity for price diversification

  • For corn only

Feedom Tech

  • Uses technical indicators to set pricing; removes some of the emotion

  • Buy and sell signals are put in place so you know what to expect and when

  • For corn and soybeans

Freedom X-Tra

  • Features an extended time period to leverage market fluctuations

  • Let time work for you with this two-year program

  • For corn and soybeans

Freedom Max

  • Utilizes strategies to maximize hedge prices during big rallies

  • Prices in a window that historically captures a summer rally

  • For corn and soybeans

For more details on the TruSelect pricing tools, click here.

(TruSelect are Trupointe programs using pricing tools powered by The Andersons®)


Turn your crop Into Cash Now


Cash Contract

  • Immediate sale of grain

  • 15-30 days to deliver

Forward Contract

  • Lock in price of grain now

  • Deliver grain at a later date

  • Contracts start at 500 bushels

  • Processing fee for under 500 bushels


Store it now, sell it later


Delayed Payment

  • Move grain to a Trupointe location without establishing a price

  • Title for the grain passes to Trupointe upon delivery

  • No need for on-farm storage

  • Sell when ready

Regular Storage

  • Deliver grain to elevator

  • Pay storage fee and retain title of grain

  • Sell when ready


additional services


Deferred Payment

  • Defer receiving payment up to five years

  • Can be a tax benefit

  • Earn interest, with rate fluctuating based on market

  • Currently paying a 2% premium

Grain Check Plus

  • Seller chooses to delay payment, but not income, for grain sold, and earns interest on the sale

  • Check is signed over to Trupointe

  • Seller issued a 1099 each year

Brokerage Service

  • Futures and options contracts for hedging purposes traded through FCC Futures Inc.

  • Branch office in Sidney

  • Contact designated FCC Futures brokers to see if the risk inherent in futures and options trading is suitable for your operation.

Government Loan

  • Deposit grain under a government program

  • Warehouse receipt is issued

  • Fee of $25 per receipt

Condo Storage

  • Farmer-owned storage

  • Grain is hauled to various locations and stored in Condo

Farm Pick Up

  • Receive a quote for grain picked up at your farm