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For Your Business

When propane and power fuels are a vital part of your operation, turn to Trupointe for your 
energy acquisitions. We will work directly with you to develop risk management and supply 
plans that help guard against market fluctuations that could be detrimental to your bottom line. 
Whether you’re heating your entire facility or powering your fleet – we can keep you informed 
on prime buying opportunities and purchasing options. At Trupointe, your sales representative 
will work directly with you to develop a program specific to your operational needs. 


Engine Efficiency Ensure your fleet is running smoothly this winter with top quality Dieselex Gold More
Don’t degrade grease Top-quality products can cut maintenance costs and extend equipment life More
Cut Your Costs Propane fuel for fleet vehicles typically cost less than conventional gasoline. Find out more about Trupointe propane services. More


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