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Keeping your farm fueled

Fuel For Your Farm

Trupointe offers a variety of bulk fuel options, along with lubricants and grease, to meet all the energy needs of your agricultural operation. We give our customers delivery and contract choices on how and when they get their bulk fuel – whether gasoline, on-road and off-road diesel, heating oil or biodiesel blends.  

Trupointe is proud to partner with CHS to offer the Cenex® line of top-quality lubricants and grease. Cenex® grease and lubricant products will keep your trucks, tractors, farm machinery and hydraulics running smoothly and provide superior protection for heavy duty, load-bearing equipment.

At Trupointe, we also offer a variety of contract options and payment plans and have four self-serve fueling stations to help keep your farm running smoothly. Contact Trupointe to find out more about how we can supply fuel For Your Farm.

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