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Protect your profit with the right inputs


Growing crops while sustaining the land for future generations takes an agronomic approach that analyzes the soil, understands the genetics of a seed, applies soil-specific nutrients, manages pests responsibly and stays connected to the global marketplace.

At Trupointe, we are a full-service agricultural provider offering precision agriculture, seed, fertilizer, nutrients, micronutrients, crop protection and more. Our agronomists work with you to customize a plan that fits within your operational goals and helps improve your soil and yield potential while providing efficiency in inputs. 

With our state-of-the-art agronomy hubs logistically aligned along key railway lines and global connections, we have product in house when you need it, where you need it. Our hubs in South Charleston and Botkins, Ohio, and Milford, Indiana, are designed for efficiency with product load-out times of 17 minutes for liquid fertilizer, 7 minutes for dry fertilizer and 15 minutes for anhydrous ammonia. Mixing occurs through a computerized system on our lot – not in you field – ensuring accuracy and safety.

Additional agronomy locations throughout Ohio and Indiana provide the same top-quality products, custom applications, crop consulting and more. By positioning our facilities from southern Ohio to northern Indiana, we ensure efficiency in supplying your operation during those busy seasons. 

For soil sampling, seed, nutrients, crop protection, custom applications and more, Trupointe offers the agronomic products, services and expertise to lower your risk and achieve success For Your Farm year after year.

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As a cooperative, we are only truly successful when we provide solutions that help your operation succeed.

- Larry Hammond, President and CEO