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About Trupointe

The Challenge Ahead. Farmers and the agricultural industry have taken on the challenge to produce more than ever before. Historic yields need to double by 2050 to feed the growing world population. At Trupointe Cooperative Inc., we want to be part of the solution. We are an agricultural and energy cooperative owned by our members from Ohio and Indiana who count on us to provide top quality agricultural products, the latest technology and guidance from experts within the industry. We know the task ahead is achievable if we all work together – that’s the cooperative way.

Headquartered from Piqua, Ohio, we serve 4,100 members through several locations in Ohio and Indiana. As a cooperative, we are governed by a Board of Directors elected by our members, and we return patronage to our members based on the cooperative’s financial performance each fiscal year.

We offer services and products For Your Farm within the areas of agronomy, grain, feed, power fuel and propane and through our crop nutrient brand, Progressive Crop Technology. We also offer services and products For Your Home and For Your Business within the areas of propane, power fuels, turf and our Farm & Home retail stores.

As the agricultural industry broadens to include global opportunities and advanced technology, we are joined as a cooperative to help one another. The cooperative way of doing business means we rely on one another for success. As Trupointe, we are here to assistant our members, to provide them the services and solutions they need to achieve success within their operations.


Tru: the value of being honest and true to our customers, the cooperative and each other.

Pointe: a direction; a place to find forward-thinking, innovative, helpful and genuine partners; a single source for all your agricultural and energy needs; a place in your community around which many things center.