In Cold Weather, Feed AMPLI-Calf

In Cold Weather, Feed AMPLI-Calf

The cooler winter weather can negatively affect dairy calves, even at temperatures as high as 60 degrees. Calves require high dietary energy to fight off cold stress and reach the best possible growth and health.

AMPLI-Calf Cool Weather Starter is designed to aid calves during the cold winter months. The feed product contains special additives that will ensure your calves grow faster, bigger and in good health.

AMPLI-Calf Cool Weather Starter is specially designed for wintertime, containing antibiotics that will keep calves healthy and protected from cold weather illnesses.

AMPLI-Calf Cool Weather Starter now contains AppetiteMAKER, a proprietary additive designed for further calf stimulation through extra protein. AppetiteMAKER will help your calves develop earlier, allowing them to breed at younger thus making them more cost-effective.

Guarantee your calves make it through the winter healthy with AMPLI-Calf Cool Weather Starter, available from your Trupointe representative or at any of our Farm and Home stores.

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