Winterizing Your Landscape

Winterizing Your Landscape

With winter on our heels, there is still work to be done at your home to prepare for a vibrant landscape this coming spring. It is important to protect your plants, trees, lawns and soil from the approaching cold (and potentially harsh) conditions. Here are some tips to ensure your landscape is healthy and ready to roll come springtime

  • Slow down your tree and bush watering cycle in autumn. While they still need to be watered, drier conditions will harden plants for the winter.
  • Get your soil tested in the fall, and modify it according to the results. This will give soil the entire winter to absorb the nutrients added this time of year.
  • Lengthen time between mowing your lawn to just a few more passes before the year's end. This is also the easiest time of year to pull weeds, as they are more visible when the grass growth slows.
  • Cover perennials with straw or pine needles to protect them from continuous freezing and thawing.
  • Wrap trunks in paper, burlap or canvas to winterize trees. Fences can help prevent wind damage.
  • Similarly, secure shrubs and large plants with burlap to protect from wind, ice and snow.
  • Seasonal fertilizer is also helpful to maintain a healthy lawn.
  • Pay attention to weather forecasts and alerts. Plan your gardening according to forecasts and be sure to cover plants when necessary.

Following these tips ensure your landscaping is winterized and prepared for spring. For all the supplies you will need to winterize your landscape and other products during the winter months, stop by your nearest Trupointe Farm & Home Store. We at Trupointe wish you the best in the coming months!

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