Giving Back to Our Community

Giving Back to Our Community

At Trupointe, we fundamentally believe in giving back to the communities we impact. We strive to do this through benevolent giving, which we define as charitable contributions to those in need around us.

In all instances, we believe these decisions are best made when based on not just on one person's actions, but instead on an entire committee of employees who are actively engaged in their workplaces and communities, and show a genuine passion for the common good of others.

To better allocate our benevolent giving, Trupointe has selected nine employees from throughout the company to assist in the giving process. By forming the Benevolent Committee we believe we will create a strong foundation for the methods and the decisions made regarding our giving.

The Board of Directors for Trupointe has approved an allocation of earnings from the previous fiscal year specifically for benevolent giving. It is our way of showing our deep appreciation for the communities that have so strongly supported us over the years.


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