Upgrades Made to Our Sidney Grain Location

Remaining vested in our communities and being focused on our customers are two subjects Trupointe values. The upgrades completed at the Sidney, Ohio location this year exhibit both of those values

Upgrades Made to Our Sidney Grain Location

With the installation of an 18,000 bushel per hour grain leg, the facility has increased its dump speed by 100 percent; the capability to dump a semi of grain in four minutes. Taking in 38,000 bushels per hour, which is the equivalent to 38 semi loads, the facility broke a 20-year record on October 13 this year, taking in 115,000 bushels of grain in one day. With the ability to accept grain more quickly and efficiently, a 105 foot diameter bin was constructed. This bin can hold 740,000 bushels.

The $2 million investment in the Sidney community is worth every cent, as farmers are now able to get back to the field quicker, instead of waiting in line. Being a locally-owned company, the profits of this facility stay local. Any profits the Trupointe grain division makes is returned in the form of patronage to the farmer.

Read about the history of the Sidney location.

The video above provided by In Ohio Country Today.

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