Trupointe Grain Storage Options

Grain Storage Options

D.P. – This stands for delayed price. This means we, the buyer, take ownership of the grain upon delivery but the seller has time to watch the markets and sell the grain for the current market price whenever they see fit.

It is the seller’s responsibility to let us know when they want to sell their grain. In order to put grain in D.P the customer must have a signed D.P agreement on file, as required by ODA, and there is storage fees applied for grain kept in D.P. 

Grain Bank – This is where grain is stored with us to be used later as feed for livestock. There is a fee for keeping grain in grain bank.

Regular Storage – Customer delivers grain to elevator, retains title of grain, and pays storage charges for the period the grain is stored.

Government Loan – Deposit of grain under a government program. A warehouse receipt is issued to the farmer at a charge of $25.00 per warehouse receipt.

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