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Animal Nutrition & Alignment Services

Trupointe has top-quality products for your livestock needs, and our expert, on-time and reliable services support the best programs and analysis to help ensure your livestock herds and flocks are healthy and profitable. Trupointe offers the following services:

  • On-farm delivery
  • Routine farm calls
  • Profit projection analysis (cattle)
  • Profit projection analysis (swine)
  • Feed stuff analysis
  • Beef cattle alignment programs
  • Swine alignment programs
  • Quality assurance
  • Custom blend programs
  • Expert advice


Alignment Programs

Cattle Alignment

Dairy beef alignments are a win/win program for our bucket calf raisers and feedlot operators. Trupointe personnel have helped facilitate these alignments so that calf raisers can maintain their capacities knowing that each group of calves they place are spoken for by a feedlot operator at an agreed upon weight and price.

Feedlot operators can gain advantages from this type of alignment because the calves generated have all had the same health protocol. This health protocol was set up by Dr. Donald Sockett, DVM, PhD from the University of Wisconsin, and is closely monitored by Trupointe calf specialists. To ensure the production of healthy top performance, feeder calves, they make regular visits to the calf raisers.

Other advantages for feedlot operators may include lower transportation costs, assistance in pre-scheduling their feeder calf needs, and knowing they have been on nutritionally-sound feed programs. Many groups of calves have been started successfully under this arrangement and we expect it to become more popular for feedlot owners to secure dairy/beef feeders.

Swine Alignment

Trupointe staff will make routine nursery and finisher evaluation visits, to ensure your herds are receiving the best nutrition. They can also look at your operations’ income and expenses, in regards to your herd, to help formulate a Break-Even Analysis. Similar to cattle, Trupointe staff works with you to design a nutrition program that is specific for your herd, giving them all the nutrition they need.

Nutrition is extremely important in the end product. Trupointe nutrition is made with locally grown inputs, and can be delivered directly to your farm. Whether you are the farrower or the finisher, Trupointe works with you to complete your supply chain. The alignment flow process is unique as it completes the whole process, taking you through procurement to market alignment. Trupointe is with you every step of the way as you raise America's protein.

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