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Feeding wildlife is both a fun and productive endeavor.  Watching birds and wildlife come to feed allows us to enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature in a personal way.  Feeding good and proper nutrition allows us to do so responsibly.  At Trupointe Farm and Home Retail Stores you will find a wide variety of feeds for birds, deer, fish, squirrels, and many other more of nature’s creatures.  We promote the healthy feeding wildlife, using food sources found naturally in wildlife habitats.  This enables Trupointe customers to give back to nature in a manner that enhances natural diets rather than replacing them.

We carry:

Deer Chow Antlermax Mineral Wild Bird Chows Squirrel Chow
Wild Bird Blocks Premium Deer Blocks Wildlife Blocks Gamefish Chow
Country Acres Deer Blocks Suet Premium Bird Chows Nyjer Thistle
Safflower Black Oil Sunflower Grey Stripe Sunflower  


Birds Gourmet Wild Bird Food

Download the complete   Feeding and ID Guide.

The feathered inhabitants of your backyard and fields are a source of never-ending pleasure. Their sounds and colors complement any landscape.

A consistent feeding program using Birds Gourmet® Wild Bird Feeds should attract and keep these precious creatures returning to your yard and landscape season after season.

You can attract songbirds to your feeding stations by meeting their basic needs of water, shelter and food.


Provide cool water in the summer or warm water in the winter in a raised shallow container that has rough or non-slip sides. Providing water is critical. Water is the most important nutrient for birds. Water warmers are available to prevent the water in your bird baths from freezing during the winter.


Shelter can be provided in many ways. Natural protection is the best. Evergreen shrubs and pine trees provide a good environment for birds to nest and offer protection from weather. This cover gives the birds a place to retreat from predators. Man-made shelters include bird houses and brush piles. Not all species of birds will use bird houses.


Feeders should be placed near but at least 8 to 10 feet away from tall objects to prevent squirrels from jumping on the feeder. Place your feeders in sunny, calm locations avoiding cold, windy areas. Usually the south or east side of your house is ideal.

Use several types of feeders to attract different species of birds. Refer to the feeder and feed chart. Feeders can get moldy from rainwater. Clean feeders with a solution of 10% household bleach and water, rinse well and let dry completely before using.

Squirrel Proof:

It has been proven that squirrels are very intelligent and can outsmart many “squirrel proof” feeders. If squirrels are a problem at your feeding stations, try a separate squirrel feeding station using ear corn or peanuts. Stealing feed from bird feeders is one challenge squirrels enjoy; in time, squirrels will figure out how to outsmart “squirrel proof” feeders.

Winter Feeding:

Insects and seeds from weeds and plants are bird’s natural food sources. These are very limited 
during winter. Wintertime feeding will provide energy and nutrients for the wild birds. Winter feeding
should begin in early October when birds begin their search for reliable food supply and continue
through early summer. Natural food sources do not appear right after the last snowstorm. Feed the birds faithfully, for they will depend on you.

Summer Feeding:

Consumption of bird feed will decrease in the summer months. Bird’s natural food sources like insects and seeds are more available. Summer feeding will still provide much enjoyment. Using Birds Gourmet® Wild Bird Feed 300 should provide best results in the summer months. Feeding Nyjer® thistle all summer provides a great food supply for American Goldfinches. During the summer months Goldfinches become bright yellow in color and provide hours of entertainment.


Use Birds Gourmet® Wild Bird Feed mixes. All feeds are designed to be used in many types of feeders. Different species prefer various ingredients and feeder types.

Download our  Feeding and ID Guide.

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