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Competitive show animals require special care and feeding. Keeping an animal healthy and looking its best throughout the show season can be challenging, as animals go through different stages of growth and conditioning.

We can help you raise your animal to its full genetic potential with feed to help build muscle, frame, condition or any combination of these. Our staff feed and show experts have a proven track record of show ring success and can make sound recommendations for accelerating or slowing rate of gain and keeping your livestock healthy.

We carry the full line of Honor Show Chow feeds for hogs, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens and turkeys.


Horse Feed & Tack

No other animal is as versatile as the horse, so whether your horses are retired, racing, pulling or showing, you can feed them right with Trupointe. Our feed specialists can help you assess the right feed and supplement needs depending on whether your horse is for pleasure or an athletic Grand Prix level Dressage competitor, barrel racer, trotter or pacer, reining, roping or jumping horse. We have the right feeds for active, retired and special need horses with Purina feeds designed and researched especially for them.

We carry these Purina feeds for your horse:

Ultium Strategy Horseman’s Edge
Equine Senior Amplify Race Ready
Strategy Healthy Edge WellSolve L/S WellSolve W/C
Athlete Country Acres Horse Chow
Sweetena Equine Junior Ultium Growth
Natures Essentials 32 Natures Essentials 12  
Equine Adult Omolene 100, 200, 300, 400, & 500 Ultium Growth


Trupointe is your one-stop shop for tack, fencing, grooming and show supplies for your horse.


Sheep & Goats

Sheep and Goats are very popular today in both family and commercial operations. Whether you are raising meat, milk, hair or wool, we have the feeds to keep your flock productive and healthy. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to various production types; we tailor a feed program to support your production goals. Our feeds are nutritionally balanced to meet specific needs of dairy, or meat producing animals.

We carry:

Special Lamb Creep Lamb Grower Complete w/Bov Sheep Balancer
Premiere Sheep Mineral w/Se Goat Chow Noble Goat 16 Rm
Noble Goat Dairy Parlor 16 Goat Chow Mineral  


Home Poultry Flock

Home flock poultry is a fast-growing segment of the urban lifestyle. The process of raising your own eggs and poultry can be a rewarding way to promote local, healthy food for your family, at a reasonable cost without needing experience.

We carry a full line of poultry and laying feeds at Trupointe, from starter/grower, to laying rations, as well as the flock raiser feeds for broilers, turkey starter and grower and a wide selection of feeds for game birds, from hatch to flight.

We carry:

Layena in both crumbles and pellets Start & Grow – medicated and non- medicated Flockraiser – medicated and non-medicated
Turkey Starter Turkey Grower Home Grown Layer 
Multi-Purpose Poultry Supplement Scratch Feeds Gamebird Startena
Gamebird Flight Conditioner Oyster Shells Granite Grit  



The all-American icon of good eating – Beef.  It’s still what’s for dinner! And, at Trupointe we offer you a wide variety of feeds to produce the meat this country eats. We have feeds for the “all natural” producer, the feedlot, the cow/calf and the dairy beef operation. Our selection of feeds includes a wide variety of options for the most effective and cost efficient additives, Rumensin & Tylan, Bovitec & CTC among them, or you can get any of them non-medicated as well.

We offer:

Steak Maker in 38 percent protein utilizing all natural protein sources Steak Maker 55-25 R400 Dairy Beef Feedlot Finisher R250 Ty 90
Creep Pasture Gestation 16 Future Cow TCR Pro Phos Mineral
Wind and Rain Minerals  Rangeland 30 – 13 225# Lick Tubs Receiving and Conditioning Chow
Impact Starter Country Acres All Stock 16  


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