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Everything you need for your farm, horses, pets, lawn and garden.

For the Love of the Outdoors

Get in and get outdoors where you really want to be. We get it.


For Horse Lovers

Whether your horses are retired, racing, pulling or showing, we can help you feed them right. Read More

Birds Gourmet

Check out our complete line of specialty bird feed products to attract the right birds. Read More


Crazy About Pets

Your companion is more than a pet – they’re part of the family.  We carry the best pet foods available.  Read More

Gardening Galore

Our country stores have the plants, fertilizers and accessories for the best beds you can grow. Read More


Five Area Stores Provide Farm and Home Supply

Trupointe comes from a long line of farm cooperatives serving Ohio and Indiana since the 1920s. We remain "tru" to our roots with our downhome style and attention to your home and farm needs. We cherish our farms - big and small - and work hard to help you sustain life and your love for our neighborhood. Whether you spend your time showing club livestock, riding the trails, gardening, mowing or spoiling your dogs, we have the products and services to help.


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  • Lebanon


  • Osgood


  • Minster


  • New Bremen


  • Springfield


  • St. Anthony


  • Xenia




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