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Everyone can take pride in a beautiful lawn and bountiful gardens. At Trupointe Farm and Home Stores, you will find the right products and expert advice for every season. Whether you need seed, fertilizer, weed control, bedding plants, vegetable plants, soils or mulches, we have it all - and we can show you how to use them. We offer name brand products such as Scotts, Round Up, Ortho, Hi Yield and Fertilome, as well as full strength professional products.


Feeding wildlife is both a fun and productive endeavor. Watching birds and wildlife come to feed allows us to enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature in a personal way - and feeding proper nutrition allows us to do so responsibly. At Trupointe Farm and Home Stores, you will find a wide variety of feeds for birds, deer, fish, squirrels and many other more of nature’s creatures. We promote the healthy feeding of wildlife, using food sources found naturally in wildlife habitats. You can give back to nature in a manner that enhances natural diets rather than replacing them.


Food plots have become increasingly popular, as hunters and wildlife enthusiasts seek to enhance the natural habitat of their area. We offer seed, fertilizers, lime and other soil conditioners to help make your food plot a successful one.  Let our professional staff help you find the products that are right for your local area.

Fencing and Equipment

Trupointe is proud to offer the best in farm fencing, wood and steel posts, as well as Tarter farm gates and equipment. We stock the most common sizes and gauges of fence and wire and can custom order to meet your needs. Our wood posts are carefully selected for quality and durability. We also stock farm gates and farm equipment such as feeders, stock tanks, round bale feeders, feeding panels, mineral feeders and more. We can also special order a number of available products. See your local Trupointe Farm and Home Store for details.

Turf and Athletics

Trupointe offers a full line of turf chemicals, seed, field marker and fertilizers for the professional landscaper or grounds keeper. We also represent Marco Clay, premiere products for base paths, warning tracks, pitchers mounds, batters boxes, and field dressings, including customized blends for your field. Keep the game going regardless of the weather with Turface Quick Dry, MVP, and other great game day products.


When you’re ready to step to the top of the line in outdoor cooking and accessories, you’re ready for a Holland Grill.  Holland Grills are the epitome of outdoor cooking, no flare ups, consistent heat, and seasonings that are out of this world. Come to any of our many Holland demonstrations and taste the Holland difference for yourself.


Propane refill service is offered at our Georgetown, Springfield, and Xenia Retail locations. We fill grill tanks, forklift tanks and other portable cylinders, and we sell new ones. We can also fill RV’s and propane powered vehicles.


A beautiful pond is a source of great enjoyment, but weeds and algae can be a constant problem. Trupointe Farm and Home Retail Stores offer colorants, and pond chemicals to help combat these problems without harming the environment or the fish. Stop in and let us show you how to get the most enjoyment out of your pond!


Trupointe offers water softening salt for household or commercial use. Solar salt, pelleted salt, rust removing salt and block salt are all available.

Ice Melt

Whether you are a professional snow and ice removal firm, a grounds maintenance supervisor or a home owner, Trupointe offers the products you need to keep roadways, parking lots and walkways free and clear of ice and snow.  We offer early fill and truck load pricing, as well as in season and full skid prices.

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