Liquid Fuel


When selecting an energy source, Trupointe customers may choose from a variety of fuel options. These options include gasoline, on-road and off-road diesel, home heating oil and mixes containing ethanol.

Trupointe gives its customers choices in how and when they get their fuel. We offer delivery of bulk fuels to your home, farm or business, providing fuel when and where you need it most. Same-day delivery is available for a minimal charge. To have fuel delivered, you must have a minimum order of 150 gallons.

Beyond Liquid Fuel

Trupointe’s farm and commercial product line extends beyond liquid fuel. We also supply engine lubricants, hydraulic oil, grease and antifreeze. Call your local Trupointe branch for more information about these products.

Self-Serve Fueling Convenience

Trupointe operates multiple self-serve fueling stations for your convenience. These fuel centers are located throughout Ohio, in Lebanon, Springfield, Wilmington and Minster. The centers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offer gasoline and road diesel. You must pay by credit card to purchase fuel from these locations. Our locations accept all major credit cards, except Springfield which accepts Fleet cards only.

Emergency Supplies You Can Count On

Trupointe’s expert and professional staff members are always ready to help when your operation needs a hand. We have emergency supplier technical support to supply you fuel and peace of mind. 

A Variety of Payment Options

At Trupointe, we think it is important to provide customers with options to fit their needs, including the payment process. Credit options, budget pay-plans and financing are all available. We also have corporate fuel plans, which can supply your fleet at one of our many fueling stations. These competitively-priced plans can be easily tailored to your business needs.

Please contact your local Trupointe branch to discuss which fuel and payment options are right for you. For more information on our corporate fuel plans, call 937.372.3541.

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