Help Me Choose A Propane Program

How do I know which propane program is right for me? 

There are so many options for propane when the bottom line is you want to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Use this guide to see which Trupointe program may be the best fit for your buying and heating lifestyle. 



I want:

  • Protection from market highs
  • Automatic fills
  •  A guarantee my propane won’t run out
  • A minimal investment without a gallon commitment
  • Payment options (cash, check, automatic transfer, debit, or credit card)
  • Payments that start when I want them to

With TruComfort+, you will enjoy a set maximum price with an unlimited downside guarantee. The TruComfort+ rate never exceeds the maximum price you set the day your contract activates. There are no surprise bills, and contracts automatically renew every June with an adjusted maximum price based on market futures. If the daily market price is lower than your cap price, you receive the lower price.


I want:

  • To make decisions about my winter propane needs during the summer
  • A guaranteed, locked-in price
  • Protection from market spikes

With PriceLock, you will have the security of a locked-in price for your winter propane needs. Sign up from June 1 through Sept. 1, and receive deliveries as needed from Sept. 1 through April 30. PriceLock includes an annual investment fee.


I want:

  •  To prepay for my winter propane during the summer
  •  A guaranteed, locked-in price
  •  Protection from market spikes
  •  No annual investment fee

Our PreBuy program allows you to pay for winter propane needs before cold weather arrives. Sign up from June 1 through Sept. 1 and receive deliveries as needed from Sept. 1 through April 30.


I want:

  • To pay a competitive price for my propane

The DailyMarket program offers you a fair competitive price for propane based on the daily and future energy markets. Prices change daily and are historically lower in summer and higher and winter. Prices may also be affected by world events.


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