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We provide a wide range of corn, soybean and wheat seed products. In addition to a selection of top brands like Asgrow, Croplan Genetics, Mycogen Seeds and NK Syngenta, we offer value-added products and services that defend your seed and seedlings against diseases and increase your yields.

Trupointe has grown and now boasts a larger bulk inventory with more soybean varieties than ever. We can apply inoculants and seed treatments on demand with less handling, which results in better quality seed and overall service to you.

Order for Your Fields - Your Way

Order only what you'll need for each field from many varietal choices - all from the trusted brands of Asgrow, Croplan Genetics, Mycogen Seeds and NK Syngenta.

Need different varieties for different fields? We'll help you select varieties to maximize yield potential based on your field history and each seed variety's genetic strengths and weaknesses.

Then, we'll add the seed treatments and inoculants you choose in a one-time application by our treatment facility in South Charleston. When you select your custom blends, we'll prepare your order while you wait or you can preorder it to be ready for whenever you need it.

Buy in Bulk - It Saves you Time & Money... and It's Safer

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Bulk seed speeds the process of getting ready to plant. It also eliminates the safety risks, time and hassle of having to dump individual mini bulk bags into the planter. You'll find it's also easier because there is no extra step of having to return your empty bags or pallets for a deposit return.


Seed Treatments

  • Protect seeds or seedlings from early season disease and inset pests affecting crop emergence and growth.
  • Enhance early-season vigor and crop performance during the growing season.
  • Help improve germination and allow for an earlier canopy.
  • Protect Seed and seedlines from seed-borne or soil-borne pathogens and general seed rots, with fungicides.
  • Reduce risk of replanting due to planting in cool, wet soil.
  • Help soybean seedlings reach their full potential by partnering with seed-applied nutrients and other seed enhancement products.
  • Protect seed and seedlings from certain insect pests found in the soil.

Seed Applied Inoculants

  • Increase soybean yield and generate more profit from your crops
  • Increase levels of protein in a soybean (when using a quality inoculant)
  • Gain more planting flexibility and extra-long planting windows
  • Reduce time and resources required of in-field treatment

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